Florian Bouron

Data Engineer
(Open to opportunities)

Curious, ambitious, motivated and innovative.

I am a fast-learner, and I enjoy computer science, marketing, business strategy, entrepreneurship and foreign languages. I am constantly looking for new challenges and interesting problems to solve. I recently completed my Master's degree in Computer Science from INSA Lyon, France.

Right now, I am a data engineer for Iterio Data (Shopfans).

Work Experiences

Iterio Data

Cracow, Poland
Data Engineer
2016 - Present

I am working for Iterio Data as data engineer and particularly for Shopfans. I use every day Node.js and Amazon Web Services (AWS), My roles are to manage and store our data in our data warehouse for our different customers and get some conclusions with our data.

  • Delivering relevant information than the business team needs to grow the business.
  • Managing the ongoing development of the data warehouse.
  • Making analysis of the data in order to give data to the marketing team for improving our sales.


Paris, France
Insurance Consultant
  • Reorganization of accounting and finance departments.
  • Implementation of internal control systems.
  • Project management: PMO, assistance in project management, development of management and monitoring tools.

SNCF (National society of French railways)

Tours, France
Software Engineer
in Business Intelligence

I have created a software which enables employees to make decisions faster, thus to efficiently manage the 98 million euros budget.

  • Identifying and understanding the real need of the users.
  • Understanding the IT environment.
  • Proposing the right solutions for the users (technically achievable at an acceptable cost).
  • Development in Javascript and Python

Technical skills: respect of corporate identity, budget management, consulting, IT programming. Human skills: creativity, capacity for adaptation in a new team with lots of demands, negotiating and understanding.


Caen, France
Software Developer
  • Performing a RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) GUI with JavaFX.
  • Improvements and optimization of a DHCP simulator.
  • Using Maven and SVN for collaborative work.
  • Using agile methods for the project management.
  • Organization and facilitation of meetings (phone and physical).
  • Teaching "Scratch" and "Scratch for Arduino" to Orange employees' children.


MSc Computer Science

2013 - 2016
Multi-profession computer engineers: all the areas of information technology applications are covered (industry, management and science), with emphasis on engineering activities, modelling and integration of complex systems. Many international partnerships, two summer internships and an end-of-studies project in a company consolidate the training.

Exchange program, Software Engineering

Beijing Jiaotong University
2015 - 2016
Beijing Jiaotong University (Chinese: 北京交通大学), formerly Northern Jiaotong University (Chinese: 北方交通大学), is one of the oldest universities in mainland China(1896).

Professional Skills

Top Skills



Advanced, 1 year
I have practiced and discovered Javascript 5 years ago when I started to create my first website, then I practiced Javascript when I started to create video games with Unity. Then I practiced Javascript at SNCF when I created a Javascript BI (Business Intelligence) tool. Today I am using Javascript every day at work with Node.js and for my personal project in React, Angular or Ionic projects.


Beginner, 6 months
I practice Node.js every day as a data engineer it's the heart of our main applications.

Amazon AWS

Advanced, 6 months
I practice Amazon AWS (Redshift, CloudWatch, and SNS) every day as a data engineer.

Python & Django

Advanced, 1 year
I use Python and Django for my backends.

Other Skills

HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap SASS React
Git SQL Ionic French English

Get in Touch

I'm currently taking on freelance work and open to work opportunities.

I can help with the following:

  • App development with ReactJS
  • Back-end development with Django/Python or Node.js
  • UI development
  • UX prototyping
  • Data warehouse management
  • Amazon AWS implementation

Drop me a line at French flagbouron.florian@yahoo.fr or call me at Polish flag(+48)575 015 925